Grand Hyatt Beijing

Beijing, China

Grand Hyatt Beijing

Grand Hyatt Beijing (S: 北京东方君悦大酒店, T: 北京東方君悅大酒店, P: Běijīng Dōngfāng Jūnyuè Dàjiǔdiàn) is an 825-room luxury hotel Beijing, China that opened in 2001. It is located at the crossroads of Chang'an Avenue and Wangfujing, and is part of the Oriental Plaza – China’s largest commercial complex. There are a total of seven food and beverage outlets, including the 'Made in China', 'Noble Court', 'Grand Cafe', 'Da Giorgio' and 'Redmoon'. The indoor swimming pool, which is designed as resort-style, with a virtual sky is one of the indoor swimming pools in the city. It is part of the 'Club Oasis' situated at level P3 in the hotel. There is also a 24-hour fitness centre on the same floor.

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