St Malachy's Church, Belfast

Belfast, United Kingdom

St Malachy's Church, Belfast


Saint Malachy's Church is a Catholic Church in Belfast, Northern Ireland. It is located in Alfred Street, a short distance from Belfast City Hall , though it precedes that building by over 60 years. The Church is the focal point of the local parish community, also Saint Malachy's, one of the 88 parishes in the Diocese of Down and Connor. After Saint Mary's Church in Chapel Lane and St Patrick's Church, Belfast in Donegall Street, Saint Malachy's is the third oldest Catholic Church in the city of Belfast.

In the beginning Saint Malachy's was administered by the priests of Saint Mary's Parish until the Parish of Saint Malachy was created in 1866 and Fr Geoffrey Brennan, a native of Kilkenny, was appointed Administrator. The first Parish Priest of Saint Malachy's, a post created in 1909, was Fr Daniel McCashin.

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