Captain Miša's Mansion

Belgrade, Serbia

Captain Miša's Mansion

The Mansion of Miša Anastasijević (Serbian: Капетан Мишино здање, romanized: Kapetan Mišino zdanje) is one of the most notable buildings in Belgrade, Serbia. It is the University of Belgrade's administration and governance building.

The building was designed by Czech architect Jan Nevole and built in 1863. It had been originally designed to serve for the anticipated court of the grandson of Karađorđe Petrović, who was married to Captain Miša’s youngest daughter Sara. Nevertheless, following the realization of construction, Captain Miša Anastasijevic gave his mansion as a gift to “his mother country for educational purposes”. In September 1863, the Belgrade Higher School was moved into the building. This site is often regarded as one of the most beautiful buildings in Belgrade. Today, the seat of the University of Belgrade is headquartered within its premises.

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