Historical Museum of Serbia

Belgrade, Serbia

Historical Museum of Serbia


The Historical Museum of Serbia (Serbian: Историјски музеј Србије/Istorijski muzej Srbije, IMUS) is a public institution dedicated to documentation of history of Serbia from prehistory up to the present. The museum was established in 1963 and today it preserves over 35,000 exhibits in its collection. Over the years the museum was located at different locations around the capital city of Belgrade. In 2020, as a part of the Belgrade Waterfront development project, the museum was granted the historical building of the Belgrade Main railway station as its new permanent base. The museum is one of the leading institutions of its kind in the city and the country.

The first unsuccessful initiative to establish the museum was taken in 1950 with the enactment of the Decree on the establishment of the History Museum of the People's Republic of Serbia. The proposal was reinitiated in 1954 with the establishment of the Serbian Revolution Museum (hosted by the Residence of Prince Miloš) commemorating the 150th anniversary of the First Serbian Uprising.

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