Monument to Vojvoda Vuk

Belgrade, Serbia

Monument to Vojvoda Vuk

Monument to Vojvoda Vuk is a sculpture in the Park Proleće in Belgrade, Serbia. The sculpture was created by Đorđe Jovanović in 1922 and the monument was erected in 1936. It is dedicated to the most respected figure of the chetnik movement.

The mortal remains of Vojin Popović, known as Vojvoda Vuk (English: war-leader wolf), were transferred to Belgrade from Serbian Military Cemetery Zeitenlik near Thessaloniki, on 30 September 1923. After a memorial service held in the Orthodox Cathedral and a farewell speech delivered from the balcony of the National Theatre, the funeral procession attended the coffin through central streets of Belgrade to the Vojvoda's final resting place in Belgrade New Cemetery (Novo groblje).

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