Nemanjina Street

Belgrade, Serbia

Nemanjina Street

Nemanjina Street (Serbian: Немањина улица / Nemanjina ulica, English: Nemanja Street) is a very important thoroughfare in downtown Belgrade, Serbia, in the Savski Venac municipality. After the completion of the construction of the Railway station in 1884, it became one of the city's main infrastructure links. The street got its name in 1896, when it was named after a Serbian ruler from the 12th century, Stefan Nemanja.

The street stretches from the Slavija Square, downhill to the Savamala neighborhood. It passes through the neighborhood of West Vračar, next to the parks of Manjež and Park Gavrilo Princip and numerous administrative buildings including the government, ministries, army headquarters and hospitals. On the lower end it finishes at the Belgrade Main railway station. It crosses several other important city streets, like Kneza Miloša street and Balkanska street.

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