Pančevo Bridge

Belgrade, Serbia

Pančevo Bridge

Pančevo Bridge (Serbian Cyrillic: Панчевачки мост, romanized: Pančevački most) or colloquially Pančevac (Serbian Cyrillic: Панчевац) is a bridge over the Danube in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. It was named after the northern city of Pančevo (in Vojvodina) which is connected to Belgrade by the road continuing from the bridge. It was the first permanent bridge across the Danube in Belgrade, and until December 2014, when the Pupin Bridge opened further upstream in the municipality of Zemun, the only one.

The bridge is located in the Belgrade municipality of Palilula, which is the only municipality in the city that lies on both banks of the Danube. Geographically, it connects two large regions of Serbia, Šumadija and Banat (Pančevački Rit). The bridge approaches begin well back from the bridge itself in the neighborhoods of Bogoslovija (roundabout at Mije Kovačevića Street) and Ada Huja (Višnjička Street), while the direct approach begins from the Boulevard of Despot Stefan.

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