Pupin Bridge

Belgrade, Serbia

Pupin Bridge

The Pupin Bridge (Serbian Cyrillic: Пупинов мост, romanized: Pupinov most) is a road bridge over the Danube River in Belgrade, Serbia. The bridge is located upstream of the city center and connects Belgrade neighbourhoods of Zemun and Borča. It is part of Semi-Inner Ring circle. Opened in December 2014, it became the second bridge over the Danube in Belgrade, after the Pančevo Bridge in 1946.

Due to the origin of the investors, even before the construction began, the bridge was colloquially called "Chinese Bridge" (Serbian: Кинески мост, Kineski most). During the construction, its tentative name was Zemun–Borča bridge, but later it got named after Serbian scientist and inventor Mihajlo Pupin. The name Chinese Bridge, however, continued to linger in an informal usage.

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