Ranko Žeravica Sports Hall

Belgrade, Serbia

Ranko Žeravica Sports Hall

The Ranko Žeravica Sports Hall (Serbian: Хала спортова Ранко Жеравица, romanized: Hala sportova Ranko Žeravica) is a multi-purpose sports arena located in the Belgrade municipality of New Belgrade.

Ranko Žeravica Sports Hall, renamed in 2016 in honour of Serbian basketball coach Ranko Žeravica, is widely known by its informal title Hala. It was built in 1968 and opened in December 1968. Since 1979 it functions as part of a state-owned enterprise JP Sportski centar Novi Beograd. Nearby Sports and Recreation Center 11. April (Sportsko-rekreativni centar 11. april) is also included under its umbrella.

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