Ružica Church

Belgrade, Serbia

Ružica Church


Ružica Church (Serbian Cyrillic: Црква Ружица, romanized: Crkva Ružica, lit. ''Little Rose Church'') is a Serbian Orthodox church located in the Belgrade Fortress, in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. Original church was built in the early 15th century, while the modern one was adapted in 1869 and fully reconstructed in 1925. It is dedicated to the Nativity of Mary. With its location within the fortress and water spring of Saint Petka, constant crowds of visitors especially on Saint Petka's feast day, and unorthodox appearance, it is considered one of the "best loved churches among the adherents".

The church is located in the eastern outer bailey of the fortress, between the Zindan Gate's northern arched tower wall on the south, and Jakšić Tower on the north, both towering above the church. It is situated along the downhill, partially stepped path, which connects the Upper Town of the fortress (section between the Zindan and Leopold's gates) and the Lower Town. Along the path, just to the southeast, is Belgrade Planetarium, while the path continues to the Nebojša Tower and the Sava bank.

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