Small Staircase in Kalemegdan Park

Belgrade, Serbia

Small Staircase in Kalemegdan Park

The Small Staircase in Kalemegdan Park (Serbian: Мало степениште у Калемегданском парку, romanized: Malo stepenište u Kalemegdanskom parku) is a staircase at one of the entrances into Kalemegdan Park in downtown Belgrade, Serbia. It is a representative of the park architecture and integral part of the park's promenade above the Sava river. It is part of the Belgrade Fortress complex, which is placed under the state protection as the Cultural Monuments of Exceptional Importance and the staircase itself is described as having both the architectural-urban and the cultural-historical values.

The staircase is located in the southernmost extension of Kalemegdan's section of Great Kalemegdan Park, near the turn of the Pariska Street (Serbian: Париска улица / Pariska ulica), which circles around this section of the park. It connects the park's Sava Promenade, and further into the Belgrade Fortress, with the Pariska Street and the urban tissue of Belgrade. Right across the street is a monumental building of the French Embassy. In the vicinity of the staircase are the Cathedral Church, Building of the Patriarchate and the King Petar I Elementary School.

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