Topčider park

Belgrade, Serbia

Topčider park


Church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul, known as the Topčider Church (Serbian Cyrillic: Топчидерска црква) is the Serbian Orthodox Church, located in Topčider park, in the municipality of Savski Venac in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. Built between 1832 and 1834, it was an endowment of Prince Miloš Obrenović, who was also its founder. It is located next to the Residence of Prince Miloš. The church was declared a cultural monument and protected by the state in 1949.

During the First Serbian Uprising, Serbian leader Karađorđe realized the importance of Topčider valley for the military and economic blockade of Belgrade Fortress, held by Ottomans at the time. During one of the sieges, Miloš Obrenović was charged with keeping the road to Valjevo and Kragujevac closed. However, he reached an agreement with the Ottomans and allowed their army to pass. Infuriated Karađorđe captured Miloš and took him to the old, abandoned cemetery in Topčider, to kill him. After pleadings of vojvoda Mladen Milovanović, Karađorđe spared Miloš's life. Historians believe that this was actually the only time that Karađorđe drew his flintlock at someone, without killing him.

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