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Beli Potok (Serbian Cyrillic: Бели Поток) is a small town and a suburban settlement of Belgrade, Serbia. It is located in Belgrade's municipality of Voždovac.

Beli Potok is located in on the northern slope of the Avala mountain, near the crossroads of the roads of Avalski put, which connects Belgrade with the Avala, and Kružni put, the major road connecting the settlements on the southern outskirts of Belgrade. To the south, Beli Potok extends in the direction of the small town of Pinosava, to the east in the direction of Bubanj Potok and to the north it makes one continuous built-up area with the urban neighborhood of Selo Rakovica, but Beli Potok is administratively classified as a separate settlement and not part of the Belgrade City proper (uža teritorija grada).

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