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Beni Mellal (Arabic: بني ملال, Berber languages: ⴰⵢⵜ ⵎⵍⵍⴰⵍ, romanized: Ayt Mellal) is a city in north-central Morocco. It is the capital of the Béni Mellal-Khénifra Region and has a population of 192,676 (2014 census). It sits at the foot of Jbel Tassemit (2247 m), and next to the plains of Beni Amir.

The walls of the city go back to Moulay Ismail, in 1688, as well as the Kasbah Bel-Kush but most of the city is quite modern and forms an important economic centre for the region particularly in the areas of petrochemical production as well as textile manufacturing which forms the backbone of the wider community. Local agricultural products as oranges, olives, figs etc. find their way to the market via Beni Mellal.

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