French Cathedral, Berlin

Berlin, Germany

French Cathedral, Berlin


The French (Reformed) Church of Friedrichstadt (French: Temple de la Friedrichstadt, German: Französische Friedrichstadtkirche, and commonly known as Französischer Dom, meaning 'French cathedral') is in Berlin at the Gendarmenmarkt, across the Konzerthaus and the German Cathedral. The earliest parts of the church date back to 1701, although it was subsequently expanded. After being heavily damaged during World War II, the church was rebuilt and continues to offer church services and concerts.

The church is officially known as the "French Church of Friedrichstadt", but is commonly referred to as Französischer Dom, or "French Cathedral". Despite their names, neither of the churches on Gendarmenmarkt is a cathedral, as neither was ever seat of a bishop; instead, the name element Dom ("cathedral" in German) refers to the French word "dôme" (dome/cupola), using terminology as a relic of francophone Frederick the Great, who was instrumental in enhancing Gendarmenmarkt.

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