Hohenschönhausen Castle

Berlin, Germany

Hohenschönhausen Castle

Hohenschönhausen Castle (German: Schloss Hohenschönhausen or Bürgerschloss Hohenschönhausen) is a manor house in the borough Alt-Hohenschönhausen in Berlin, Germany. It is owned by the Association Hohenschönhausen Castle and listed in the heritage registers of Berlin.

The first buildings on today's castle area were erected between the 13th and 15th century and inhabited by a Schultheiss family. At the end of the 15th century the noble family von Röbel built a manor house on the area, which was bought by the merchant Adam Ebersbach on July 2, 1736. In 1817 it was bought by the Prussian Friedrich Scharnweber, a close employee of Karl August Fürst von Hardenberg, in 1890 it was sold to the banker Henry Suermondt and parceled out. In 1893 the manor house and its area were bought by the merchant Gerhard Puchmüller, who changed the structure of building. Moreover, the vestibule was decorated with paintings during that time. From 1910 to 1929 the German entrepreneur and inventor Paul Schmidt was the last private owner of the castle. In 1930 the manor house became the property of the city and was first used by social institutions. From 1945 to 1989 a maternity hospital was housed in it. In 1993/94 the city wanted to open a local museum in the castle, but the plan failed due to financial difficulties.

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