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The Körnerpark (German pronunciation: [ˈkœʁnɐˌpaʁk] (listen)) is situated in Berlin Neukölln between Jonasstraße, Schierker Straße, Selkestraße and Wittmannsdorfer Straße. The approximately 2.4 hectare (about 5.93 acres) park resembles a palace garden. The feature in the eastern part of the park is a cascade with fountains. Opposite, to the west, an orangery houses a café and a gallery for temporary exhibitions, and forms the boundary of the park. During summer weekends the forecourt of the orangery is used for free concerts and performances. The northern part is dominated by a flower garden.

The park was built in a former gravel pit which its owner Franz Körner handed over to the former city of Rixdorf in 1910. The only condition was that the future park had to carry his name. Designed probably by Hans Richard Küllenberg the park was built between 1912 and 1916 in a Neo-baroque style. Building the park the city fathers intended to provide the surrounding neighbourhood with an adorned mark encouraging the development of excellent and beautiful buildings thereby creating an exceptionally preferred residential area.

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