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Berwick-upon-Tweed (pronounced "Berrick") is a historic town in Northumberland, two miles south of the border with Scotland. Between 1174 and 1482 it changed hands between England and Scotland over a dozen times, either by conquest or by treaty, and it was protected with stout walls since medieval times. These disputes ended with the Union of Crowns in 1603, whereby King James VI / I ruled both countries, and this was entrenched by the Act of Union of 1707 which created a single nation.

Berwick is therefore in England, forming a combined town with Tweedbank and Spittal on the south bank of the River Tweed, and in 2011 had a population of 12,043. But it's also the main town for nearby villages in the Scottish Borders, the former Scottish county of Berwickshire, along the Tweed valley inland and the rugged coast to the north. Their attractions are also described on this page.

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