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Bjelašnica (Serbian Cyrillic: Бјелашница, pronounced [bjělaːʃnit͡sa]) is a mountain in central Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is to the southwest of Sarajevo, bordering Mount Igman. Bjelašnica's tallest peak, by which the mountain group got its name, rises to an elevation of 2,067 metres (6,781 ft). Other notable peaks are Krvavac (2,061 m (6,762 ft)), Mali Vlahinja (2,055 m (6,742 ft)), and Hranisava (1,964 m (6,444 ft)). The Bjelašnica range is bordered by the Rakitnica in the south, the Neretva in the west, Mount Igman in the north-east and Mount Ivan in the north-west. Only at 20 minutes distance of Sarajevo, it is a tourist attraction for hiking and skiing.

Bjelašnica was, in certain areas, the site of extensive combat during the 1992–95 Siege of Sarajevo and particular areas pose a high mine risk. There are numerous trails set up and maintained by local mountain clubs that lead to the bald peaks higher up. The mountain is also visited by mountain bikers and has become a base for some paragliders.

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