Santa Fe Mall

Bogota, Colombia

Santa Fe Mall


The Centro Comercial Santafé (English: Santafé Shopping Center) is a mall located in Bogotá, Colombia. It is the fourth largest shopping mall in Colombia (the largest is Centro Mayor in Bogotá), and the fifth in Latin America, surpassed by Leste Aricanduva Mall in São Paulo, Brazil. Opened on May 13, 2006. It is 250,000 square metres or 2,700,000 square feet in area. The mall has 485 shops, including an open foodcourt with 26 restaurants that has a seating for 1,500 persons. The mall also has 10 cinemas, 3,200 parking stalls, and an auditorium.

The mall is in the neighborhood of Suba, which is in northeastern Bogotá on the North Highway on 183 street. The mall has access by bus from the municipalities surrounding the city and along the route system of TransMilenio from the Portal North, "2.1 Mirandela."

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