Dueodde Fyr

Bornholm, Denmark

Dueodde Fyr


The Dueodde Lighthouse (Danish: Dueodde Fyr) is located on the Danish island of Bornholm. It was built during the years 1960–62 and commissioned on 15 August 1962. It is 47 m (154 ft) in height, with a focal height of 48 m (157 ft). It is the nodal point of the southeast coast line, warning ships to keep away from the extreme southern tip of the island. Dueodde Lighthouse is Denmark's tallest lighthouse and one of the most important lighthouses of the Baltic Sea.

Bornholm features varied topography, such as Almindingen, Hammeren, Jons Kapel, Paradisbakkerne, Rytterknægten, and Dueodde. The lighthouse was built on the western side of Dueodde's sand dunes, on the island's extreme southern tip.

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