Dundee Park

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Dundee Park

Dundee Park is a suburban business park located in the town of Andover, Massachusetts, situated across from the old Andover train station.

Originally known as the Smith & Dove mills, the Dundee Park business strip took shape in the 18th century, helping bolster the Industrial Revolution in New England, prior to which the area and its economy was merely agriculturally-grounded. The Smith & Dove mills, founded by Scottish merchants John Smith, Peter Smith, and John Dove in 1835, attracted more individuals to the Andover, Massachusetts area seeking work, and made common goods more available. Nearly a century later, a myriad of individual mills had been erected in the area, focused primarily on textile development. A notable cotton mill was commissioned in 1807 by Abraham Marland, an Episcopalian merchant from Lancashire, known for his founding of Christ Church in Andover. The wool production operation headed by Paschal Abbott also shifted to the town around 1815, operating on Red Spring Road near Dundee Park, but was later sold to Smith & Dove, the United States' original manufacturer of linen and benefactor of Memorial Hall Library, in 1843, upon a decline in demand for wool. The acquisition of this mill, in addition to a series of other mills, led to the area's colloquial name, the Smith & Dove mills. Approximately two decades after the purchase of Abbott's wool mill, the Smith & Dove mills in Andover were successfully fabricating cloth and thread at a large volume.

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