Salem Pioneer Village

Boston, United States

Salem Pioneer Village


Pioneer Village, also known as Salem 1630: Pioneer Village, is a living history museum recreating the city of Salem as it was in the 17th century. Opened in June 1930, it was the first museum of its kind in the United States.

The village allows visitors to gain an appreciation for the spirit of these English settlers by imagining their lives. Rather than simply read about them, one can see in action a blacksmith’s shop, a sawmill, a saltworks, gardens, fireplaces, a Dugout, a Wigwam, and thatched roof cottages. The featured attraction upon opening was the Governor’s House, a “fayre house” representing what the house might have looked like after it had been disassembled in Cape Ann, brought over to Salem, and rebuilt for Governor John Endicott in 1628. Dimensional details for the replica had been worked out by George Francis Dow.

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