Bismarck monument (Bremen)

Bremen, Germany

Bismarck monument (Bremen)

The Bismarck monument outside the cathedral in Bremen is a bronze figure of the former Chancellor, riding a horse. It was created in 1910, twelve years after Bismarck's death. The commission was entrusted to Adolf von Hildebrand in 1904. Since 1973 the monument has enjoyed protected status.

Otto von Bismarck (1815-1898), the Prussian politician and, from 1871 till 1890, the German Chancellor (leader of the government), was celebrated as the "iron chancellor", above all because of the central part he played in creating the German state. His reputation survived his dismissal in 1890 by the new emperor, William II. His relationship with Bremen's political establishment was not always a smooth one. This reflected divergent interests over important issues involving colonial policy and trade and tariff issues. Nevertheless, in Bremen, just as in other parts of the new country that were not part of Prussia, Bismarck was revered as a symbol of national unity. Hundreds of memorials exist across Germany, some of them erected while their subject was still alive, but most of them postdating Bismarck's death on 30 July 1898.

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