Bremen City Hall

Bremen, Germany

Bremen City Hall

The Bremen City Hall (German: Bremer Rathaus) is the seat of the President of the Senate and Mayor of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen. It is one of the most important examples of Brick Gothic and Weser Renaissance architecture in Europe. Since 1973, it has been a protected historical building. In July 2004, along with the Bremen Roland statue, the building was added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The city hall is on the northeastern side of the market square in the historic city center. Directly in front of it is the statue of Roland. On the opposite side of that square there is the ancient guildhall, called Sch├╝tting, still today seat of the board of commerce. On the southeastern side of the square is the seat of Bremen state parliament, called the B├╝rgerschaft. East of both, there is the town hall and parliament, along with the Bremen Cathedral. Near the northern corner of the town hall, there is a sculpture of the Town Musicians of Bremen (by Gerhard Marcks). North of it, there is the Church of Our Dear Lady ("Kirche Unser Lieben Frauen" or short "Liebfrauenkirche").

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