Die Glocke (Bremen)

Bremen, Germany

Die Glocke (Bremen)

Die Glocke (The Bell) is a concert hall in the centre of Bremen, Germany. Standing on the site of a building from the Middle Ages, it was designed by Walter G├Ârig (1885ÔÇô1974) and completed in 1928. Its elegant Art Deco design and excellent acoustics have been praised by a number of artists including Herbert von Karajan.

In the Middle Ages, an octagonal bell-shaped building (hence its name) belonging to the cathedral chapter stood south of the cathedral on the Domsheide in the Dombezirk, an enclave under the sovereign and legal control of the cathedral. It was the venue for the meetings of the chapter and, from 1648, for the deliberations of the court. In 1737, a new octagonal building was constructed on the site, coming under the authority of the City of Bremen in 1803. From 1857, it belonged to the K├╝nstlerverein (Artists Association).

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