Bremen, Germany


The Domshof (Cathedral Court) is a town square in Bremen, north of the cathedral and the Marktplatz. The Domshof is used for markets as well as larger outdoor events, particularly May Day demonstrations.

The Domshof is a trapezoid 67┬ám (220┬áft) in width, 100┬ám (330┬áft) long on the western side and 130┬ám (430┬áft) long on the eastern side. Several streets radiate off the square (Sch├╝sselkorb, Violenstra├če, Seemannstra├če, Sandstra├če, Unser-Lieben-Frauen-Kirchhof and the Dompassage). Buildings on the square include Bremen Cathedral, the Town Hall of Bremen, Bremen Landesbank, the Deutsche Bank am Domshof, SEB Bank (formerly BfG), the Schifffahrtsbank and the Bremer Bank.

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