Bremen, Germany



The Gerhard Marcks Museum or Gerhard Marcks House (German: Gerhard Marcks Haus) is a museum in Bremen, Germany, inspired by the work of the sculptor and graphic artist Gerhard Marcks. The museum exhibits contemporary sculpture, including the work of Marcks.

The Gerhard Marcks Museum's building and Wilhelm Wagenfeld House were built as a pair in 1825. The two buildings were designed to be a gatehouse and a prison located on either side of the road as you approached or left the town. They were both designed by the architect Friedrich Moritz Stamm. Until 1848 these buildings were used to close the city at night and to charge any customs tax that was due on goods travelling across the city's perimeter. The museum's building has been extended twice to create space for its new function as a museum. The conversion work was done in 1991 by Peter Schnorrenberger and was designed to complement the existing building. Although the two buildings have only one row of windows at the front, they both have two storeys and matching Doric columns.

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