Kontorhaus am Markt

Bremen, Germany

Kontorhaus am Markt

The Kontorhaus am Markt in Bremen is a historical building in the city centre of Bremen. Today, it is used as a shopping mall. It is situated at the Bremer Marktplatz between three streets: Langenstrasse 2/8, Stintbruecke 1 and Bredenstrasse 13.

In the 18th century, the region between Stintbruecke, Wilkenstrasse and south-eastern end of Langenstrasse was covered by a mixed variety of small and medium-sized houses, residential and office buildings, two or three storeys high. The image of Langenstrasse was characterised by old packing and storage houses. The smaller houses with gabled roofs behind the Sch├╝tting were pulled down in 1913 when the chamber of commerce building was enlarged. Other buildings were pulled down at the site where the Disconto-Bank was built.

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