Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research

Bremen, Germany

Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research

The Leibniz-Zentrum f├╝r Marine Tropenforschung (ZMT) (Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research) in Bremen, Germany is the only scientific institute in Germany that exclusively investigates tropical and subtropical coastal ecosystems and their significance for nature and humans in an interdisciplinary approach. The mission of ZMT is to provide a scientific basis for the protection and sustainable use of tropical coastal ecosystems by conducting research, capacity development and consulting activities in close cooperation with national and international partners in the tropics. Since its launch in 1991, ZMT has also developed a huge network of research and political partners within the tropics and worldwide, including more than 800 alumni. The institute offers a broad range of research infrastructure, including its own scientific diving centre and laboratories such as the Marine Experimental Ecology Facility (MAREE). ZMT also hosts the Future Earth Coasts (FEC) office, a global network of experts investigating the drivers of global change in coastal zones.

The centre was founded as research institute affiliated with the University of Bremen in 1991. Since 2009 ZMT is an independent research institute and member of the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Scientific Community. ZMT is also a member of the Deutsche Allianz f├╝r Meeresforschung (German Alliance for Marine Research).

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