Raths-Apotheke (Bremen)

Bremen, Germany

Raths-Apotheke (Bremen)

The Raths-Apotheke (literally: Council Apothecary) is a listed building on the Market Square (Marktplatz) in Bremen, Germany. After suffering war damage, the building was restored with two gables in the Neobaroque style in 1958, re-establishing the square's sequence of gabled buildings dating from the 1820s.

There has been a Raths-Apotheke in Bremen since 1510. The exact location of the original building is not known but it was probably situated in S├Âgestrasse. It is first mentioned in a document from 1 October 1532 in which the city requires the pharmacist to sell his wares at fair prices. The pharmacist received his income from the city council. From the 17th century, the council leased the pharmacy for 10┬áyears at a time, later for life. The supervision was ensured by the third mayor and by a councillor.

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