St Petrus House

Bremen, Germany

St Petrus House

St Petrus House (German: Haus St. Petrus) is a historic building in Bremen, Germany. With features of North-German Gothic architecture including an arcade, it was built in 1927 by the prosperous coffee merchant Ludwig Roselius as part of his development of B├Âttcherstra├če. Today its newly refurbished dining rooms are part of the Atlantic Grand Hotel. Since 1973, St Petrus House has been a listed building.

In 1924, Ludwig Roselius acquired a lease for a period of 60 years on the land on B├Âttcherstrasse covering No. 15-19 and later also obtained permission to develop the old packhouses at No. 4-5. He persuaded the authorities to let him build a small colony of shops, studios and apartments there, drawing on North German architectural styles. Roselius commissioned the architects Eduard Scotland and Alfred Runge who achieved the required historic Gothic style by making use of dormers, stepped gables and arcades.

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