Bremen, Germany


The Teerhof is a peninsula between the River Weser and the Kleine Weser, opposite the city centre of Bremen, Germany. It was first mentioned in 1624 as "Theerhof" when it was the northernmost part of an island. Today it consists mainly of residential buildings and the Weserburg modern art museum.

The name Teerhof means "tarring yard" as it was here ship hulls and ropes were once tarred for the local shipyard. Up to the end of the 19th century, mixed industrial and residential developments led to a widely varying collection of buildings. By the 1930s, the Teerhof was made up of storehouses, small production facilities, a coffee factory and housing. All the buildings were almost completely destroyed during the Second World War. The Weserburg coffee factory which was also seriously damaged was repaired and reopened in 1949. When it closed in 1973, the building was sold to the city and was used for various cultural events including artists' ateliers and art exhibitions, until it was decided it should become a collectors' museum.

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