Queensland Police Museum

Brisbane, Australia

Queensland Police Museum

Queensland Police Museum collects and exhibits items related to the Queensland Police Service and the history of policing in Queensland, Australia. It was originally established in 1893 as a collection of items for study by police for technical purposes. It was not until 20 May 1979 that it became a museum open to the public. It is currently located at Queensland Police Headquarters at 200 Roma Street, Brisbane.

On 27 November 1893 Mr Finucane, Chief Clerk of the Queensland Police, signed a memorandum on behalf of Commissioner David Thompson Seymour, which instructed all police officers to send in items of interest concerning crimes and suicides, that they might come across in the course of their duties. This was the basis of the collection of the Queensland Police Museum. It was not established as a museum for the public at that time; its purpose was to educate police officers about criminality. It consisted initially of a glass cupboard and then later a small room.

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