Freemason's Hall, Bristol

Bristol, United Kingdom

Freemason's Hall, Bristol

Freemason's Hall, Bristol is a building on Park Street in the city of Bristol. It is a Grade II* listed building initially built in 1821. It is now the home of Freemason's in Bristol and is the seat of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Bristol as well as a number of other organisations and side orders including the Rite of Baldwyn. It is the home of 38 Craft Lodges, 14 Royal Arch Chapters, and 7 Mark Lodges, 3 Royal Ark Lodges and is one of the few masonic provinces which enjoy all lodges meeting in the same building. The Bristol Masonic Society also meets there.

The building was initially built as The Philosophical Institution for the Advancement of Science, Literature and Art, later becoming a museum. The Philosophical Institution was in operation from 1823 to 1871 and during that time merged with the Bristol Library Society, eventually moving site multiple times and becoming what is now Bristol City Museum. In 1871 it was purchased by the Freemasons of Bristol and converted for their use. It was bombed during the Second World War and burnt extensively. It was rebuilt after the war and reopened in 1955.

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