Provostry of St. Donatian

Brugelette, Belgium

Provostry of St. Donatian

The Provostry of St. Donatian (Dutch: Sint-Donaasproosdij or Proosdij van de kerkelijke heerlijkheid van Sint-Donaas) is a Baroque building on the Burg Square in Bruges, Belgium. Built in the 17th century, it served as the headquarters of the ecclesiastical seigniory of St. Donatian.

In 1089, under the rule of Robert I of Flanders, deans of St. Donatian's Cathedral were also given the role of chancellors of the County of Flanders. In this role, they were not only responsible for the administration of the county but also developed an important ecclesiastical seignory with its own administration and court. In 1560, Bruges for the first time became the seat of a bishopric, with Petrus Curtius as its first bishop. He was also given the role of dean and chancellor, which continued to be held by the 17 successive bishops who would rule the diocese until the end of the 18th century.

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