Jan Breydel Stadium

Bruges, Belgium

Jan Breydel Stadium

Jan Breydel Stadium (Dutch: Jan Breydelstadion, pronounced [jɑm ˈbrɛidəlˌstaːdijɔn]) is a multi-purpose stadium in Sint-Andries, Bruges, Belgium. The city-owned stadium is the home stadium of two top-flight association football clubs, Club Brugge and Cercle Brugge. It is used mainly for football matches, which cost between €5 and €60/seat/match. The stadium was built in 1975. It currently has 29,042 seats. It is named after Jan Breydel, an instigator of the Bruges Matins, the insurgency that led to the Battle of the Golden Spurs. Prior to 1999 and the Euro 2000 Championship the stadium was known as Olympiastadion [oːˈlɪmpijaːˌstaːdijɔn], the Olympic stadium in Dutch, and had 18,000 seats. During December 2015 the pitch was resurfaced with an Italian proprietary hybrid grass (a mix of natural and artificial grass) called Mixto.

The average season attendances from league matches held at the Jan Breydel for Cercle Brugge and Club Brugge.

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