Provinciaal Hof

Bruges, Belgium

Provinciaal Hof

The Provinciaal Hof (Province Court) is a Neogothical building on the market place in Bruges, Belgium. It is the former meeting place for the provincial government of West Flanders.

In 1294, the Waterhalle, 95m long and about 30m high, was built as the central point of the port of Bruges, right in the heart of the city. When the boats no longer could reach the hall, it was demolished in 1787 and replaced with a neoclassicist building. From 1850 on, part of this was used to house the provincial government meetings, until it burned down in 1878. A replacement in neogothical style, intended to house the province and a postal office, was started in 1887 by architects Louis Delacenserie and René Buyck. The post office was opened in 1891, and the first part of the Provinciaal Hof in 1892. The last parts of the buildings were finished in 1920.

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