Astrid Park

Brussels, Belgium

Astrid Park

Astrid Park (French: Parc Astrid, Dutch: Astridpark) is an urban public park in the municipality of Anderlecht in Brussels, Belgium. The park was inaugurated on 13 August 1911 and was named the Parc du Meir/Meirpark ("Meir Park") until 1935, when the mayor of Anderlecht decided to change its name in memory of Queen Astrid, the first wife of King Leopold III, who died in a car crash that year.

Since 1917, football club R.S.C. Anderlecht plays its home matches in the Constant Vanden Stock Stadium (previously known as the Emile Versé Stadium), located within the park. Hence, the stadium is sometimes metonymically referred to as Parc Astrid.

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