Brussels Parliament building

Brussels, Belgium

Brussels Parliament building

The Brussels Parliament building is a neoclassical building located on Rue du Lombard/Lombardstraat in Brussels (Belgium) housing the Parliament of the Brussels-Capital Region. It largely dates from the early 20th century, although some wings date back to the 17th century and certain later renovations.

The hemicycle is on the top floor of the building, with the roof being of modern zinc and glass design. The chamber is encircled by a long curved wooden wall and there is an overhanging press and public gallery. Committee rooms have likewise been updated with modern technology but much of the building remains neoclassical. There is also a cafeteria and reading room for deputies. The four rear wings have administrative functions, including housing the President's offices. There is also 400 m2 (4,300 sq ft) of hanging gardens extending to heights of up to 27 metres (89 feet).

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