Chaussée de Wavre

Brussels, Belgium

Chaussée de Wavre

The Chaussée de Wavre (French) or Waversesteenweg (Dutch) in Brussels, Belgium is a major street crossing the municipalities of Ixelles, Etterbeek and Auderghem. It starts at a crossroad with the Chaussée d'Ixelles near the Porte de Namur square in Ixelles, goes down to the Place Jourdan in Etterbeek, then goes up to the La Chasse crossroad, continues to the Arsenal crossroad with the greater ring road. After this crossroad the street enters Auderghem, crosses the Boulevard du Souverain then merges with the European route E411 where it runs along the Rouge-Cloître and then the Sonian Forest. At its end, the road crosses the Brussels Ring. This street is part of the N4 road, which connects Brussels to Arlon.

Several places of interest are located on the Chaussée de Wavre, among which the Vendôme cinema, the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences and the Jean-Félix Hap Garden.

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