Flagey Building

Brussels, Belgium

Flagey Building

The Flagey Building (French: Le Flagey, Dutch: Het Flageygebouw), often referred to as just Flagey, is a cultural centre located in the former headquarters of the Belgian National Institute of Radio Broadcasting (also known as the Maison de la Radio or Omroepgebouw Flagey) on the south-western corner of Eugène Flagey Square, in Ixelles (Dutch: Elsene), in Brussels, with its main entrance on the Place Sainte-Croix/Heilig-Kruisplein.

The building, parts of which are listed, was designed by Joseph Diongre and completed in 1938 in Streamline Moderne (an international style of Art Deco). It owes its name to Eugène Flagey, a Belgian lawyer and politician. When the broadcaster left in 1974, the building was refurbished as a cultural community centre.

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