Forest Town Hall

Brussels, Belgium

Forest Town Hall

The Town Hall (French: Hôtel de Ville, Dutch: Stadhuis ) of Forest is an Art Deco building located in that municipality of the Brussels-Capital Region of Belgium. Qualified as a prototype of Brussels' Art Deco, this building illustrates the leading role the style played in public architecture during the interwar period.

Built on the grounds of a previous Town Hall (1828) and in the place of a previous parsonage (1734), the building was designed by architect Jean-Baptiste Dewin (1873–1948) in 1925. The first stone was officially laid on 19 May 1935 and the building was inaugurated on 9 July 1938. The building has important interior and exterior decorations made by such artists as Victor Rousseau, Georges Baltus, Canneel, Stoffyn and Tricot.

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