Huisje Mostinckx

Brussels, Belgium

Huisje Mostinckx

Huisje Mostinckx (Dutch: house Mostinckx) is a farm on the village square of Sint-Martens-Bodegem, a subdivision of Dilbeek in Flemish Brabant, Belgium. The date of building is unknown, however mentions on the Ferraris maps of Belgium date it prior to 1777. The house is a Flemish protected monument since 1981.

The name of the farm comes from the last people that lived there: Sofie Mostinckx and her husband Karel de Pauw. The house was property of Sofies family. Karel had moved into Bodegem and was quickly called Karel Mostinckx by the locals. It is unknown how long the farm had been within the family, nor how old the farm is.

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