Kortenberg building

Brussels, Belgium

Kortenberg building

The Kortenberg building is the office building of the European Union (EU) in Brussels, Belgium that houses most bodies related to the Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP).

The postmodernist, L-shaped building was designed the architectural firm ARCHI + I, and is located at the corner of rue Le Titien. Towards avenue de Cortenbergh, eight floors, the last of which is set back; towards rue Le Titien, four floors surmounted by the glass roof of the auditorium. Windows with aluminum frames forming a glass base on the first two levels; then going up level by level in a staircase to reach the top of the building on the rue Le Titien side; the glass roof then describes a slope up to the height of the neighboring houses. The rest of the facades in red Indian granite: granite of the base and the blind bay towards rue Le Titien unpolished; disc patterns under the unpolished windows also. Entrance of modest size between two colossal stainless steel columns rising to the full height of the building and appearing to cross the granite blocks. Rear facade alternating bands of red and brown bricks.

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