Rue Belliard

Brussels, Belgium

Rue Belliard

Rue Belliard (French) or Belliardstraat (Dutch) is a major street in Brussels, Belgium. The street runs parallel to Rue de la Loi/Wetstraat. Both are one-way streets; where traffic in Rue de la Loi runs in the western direction towards Brussels' city centre, Rue Belliard runs in the eastern direction, away from the city centre.

The street runs from the east of the small ring road to the south-west corner of the Cinquantenaire Park. The street has 4 lanes from the small ring road to the start of the Belliard tunnel, 2 lanes along Leopold Park and ends on 1 lane up to the Cinquantenaire. The section on one lane from one park to the other is partly in the territory of the municipality of Etterbeek. The rest of the street is in the territory of the City of Brussels.

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