Rue de la Loi

Brussels, Belgium

Rue de la Loi

Rue de la Loi (French) or Wetstraat (Dutch), meaning "Law Street", is a principal road running through central and eastern Brussels (Belgium) which is famous due to the presence of several notable Belgian and EU governmental buildings. The road runs from Rue Royale/Koningsstraat, in the centre of Brussels, to the Schuman roundabout in its European Quarter. It forms the first (westerly) part of the N3 road that runs to Aachen, Germany.

The term Rue de la Loi or Wetstraat is used as a metonymy for government in Belgian media because the Belgian Federal Parliament stands at the beginning of this street and the office of the prime minister is located at number 16. At the far end is the Berlaymont building on the Schuman roundabout and the Cinquantenaire beyond that. Shortly before the roundabout is the exit ramp from the tunnel under the roundabout and Cinquantenaire.

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