Schaerbeek Cemetery

Brussels, Belgium

Schaerbeek Cemetery

Schaerbeek Cemetery (French: Cimetière de Schaerbeek, Dutch: Begraafplaats van Schaarbeek), officially Schaerbeek New Cemetery (French: Nouveau Cimetière de Schaerbeek, Dutch: Nieuwe Begraafplaats van Schaarbeek), is a cemetery belonging to the municipality of Schaerbeek, Brussels (Belgium), where the inhabitants of Schaerbeek have the right to be buried. It is not located in Schaerbeek itself; rather it is partially in the neighbouring municipality of Evere, and partially in the village of Sint-Stevens-Woluwe in the municipality of Zaventem in Flemish Brabant. The cemetery is adjacent to Brussels Cemetery and Evere Cemetery, but should not be confused with either.

Schaerbeek Cemetery is surrounded by Avenue Jules Bordet/Jules Bordetlaan, Rue d'Evere/Eversestraat and Kleine Eversweg. The entry is in Evere on Avenue Jules Bordet.

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