Biserica Kretzulescu

Bucharest, Romania

Biserica Kretzulescu


Kretzulescu Church (Romanian: Biserica Kretzulescu or Cre╚Ťulescu) is an Eastern Orthodox church in central Bucharest, Romania. Built in the Br├óncovenesc style, it is located on Calea Victoriei, nr. 45A, at one of the corners of Revolution Square, next to the former Royal Palace.

The church was commissioned in 1720ÔÇô1722 by the boyar Iordache Cre╚Ťulescu and his wife Safta, a daughter of prince Constantin Br├óncoveanu. Originally, the exterior was painted, but since the restoration work done in 1935ÔÇô1936 (under the supervision of architect ╚śtefan Bal╚Ö), the fa├žade is made of brick. The frescoes on the porch date from the original structure, while the interior frescoes were painted by Gheorghe Tattarescu in 1859ÔÇô1860.

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