Biserica Sfântul Anton

Bucharest, Romania

Biserica Sfântul Anton


Curtea Veche (the Old Princely Court) was built as a palace or residence during the rule of Vlad III Dracula in 1459. Archaeological excavations started in 1953, and now the site is operated by the Muzeul Municipiului București in the historic centre of Bucharest, Romania.

Vlad the Impaler's reign was dominated by conflicts with the Ottoman Empire, hence the necessity to permanently watch over and protect the southern border, the Danube, made him stay in the fortified town on the Dâmbovița banks. He issued a Latin document on 13 June 1458 from the area of current Bucharest. Then, on 20 September 1459, he issued a document in Slavonic, specifically referring to the "fortress" in Bucharest, his "princely residence". Other documents were issued in 1460 and 1461. Vlad would have been accompanied by his family, courtiers, and an army corps.: 23 

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